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Battery Choices

Battery Choices

Internal vs. External, which one do you choose? When it comes to selecting which type of device you want, knowing what type of battery will best suits your needs is extremely important, but it can also be really confusing! Here at TVR, we believe that being educated on your product should be number one priority - not only for your safety, but also so you have the most enjoyable vaping experience possible!

So, here’s the breakdown:

Internal Battery Mods- these are devices that have the power source built into them. There are no parts to remove, you plug the device in to charge it (typically through a usb cable.)  The length of the battery life is measured in mAh, which is short for milliamp per-hour.  It is the standard of measurement that describes the total amount of energy that an object such as a battery can deliver over one hour. For example, a battery with a rated capacity of 1000 mAh could deliver 1000 milliamperes — or one amp — for one hour before its capacity is exhausted. So, depending on the size, you may see some mods with 1500 mAh and some as high as 3500 mAh.

External Battery Mods- these are devices in which you can remove the batteries to charge them separately, or switch them out. Often, external battery mods have a higher wattage capability, and can hold anywhere from one to four batteries. Most e-cigarettes take 18650, 26650, or 20700 batteries and there are different brands and variations of each. If you are considering an external battery mod, it is usually specified in the description which battery and how many it requires.  While mods with external batteries can often be charged with a usb cable, it is highly recommended that an external charger be used to extend battery life and protect the integrity of your unit. While battery life greatly depends on usage, obviously, the more batteries a mod holds, the longer the available battery life will be.

There you have a very BASIC idea of the difference between these two types of devices. It is always best to do your research before selecting a device, and ask questions if you are still unsure. Remember, you can e-mail us at info@thevaporroom.net with any questions or concerns and our staff will be more than willing to help!