WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

APOLLO 30ML 50/50 Blend E-Liquid



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APOLLO 30ML 50/50 Blend E-Liquid

*These liquids are PG 50/VG 50 blend! *

Flavors Available

Classic Tobacco-  A classic American tobacco blend made to closely mimic the bright flavor, medium throat hit, velvety consistency cigarette smokers are used to.

Classic Tobacco Menthol- The warmth of tobacco is perfectly balanced with the chill of menthol.

Simply Tobacco- a simple, dry tobacco flavor to closely mimic an actual cigarette.

Menthol Breeze- Pure menthol that delivers an icy-fresh blast you can really feel.

Cinnamon- If you’re a fan of red hots then you’ll love our Cinnamon flavored e-liquid. The perfect combination of sweet and fire, our Cinnamon liquid will warm you up during cold winter months.

French Vanilla -like biting into a deliciously sweet vanilla cupcake!

Watermelon - Mellow sweetness and you can actually taste the rind.

Candy Cane- If you’re a lover of the traditional red and white striped peppermint candy canes, then you’ll love our Candy Cane E-Liquid

Green Apple-A juicy and crisp flavor that is ripe with deliciousness.

Cappucino- The smooth vapor and wonderful flavor combination will remind you of a perfectly pulled shot of espresso.

Mango Peach-The smooth vapor quality makes Mango Peach the perfect fruity flavor.

Strawberry- Unlike other Strawberry flavors we tested, we made this one taste more like the real thing rather than a candy-like flavor.

Berry Blend-the mellow sweetness of blueberry with the tang of raspberry and the juiciness of blackberry. Imagine a berry smoothie in vape form!

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