WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bad Drip Gourmet E-Liquid 60ML



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Bad Drip Gourmet 60ML

Bad Drip Gourmet 60ML Established in November 2014, Bad Drip Labs launched the "Baddest juice line". From the nectar of the gods, the twisted mixologist's of Bad Drip Labs created  premium e-juice flavors. TVR Currently carries Don't Care Bear and Ugly Butter. The unique packaging of 60ml ejuice is bundled in a pharmaceutical style bottle with a complimentary Bad Drip sham-wow. The motto of Bad Drip is "Suck on this", conveying the delightful flavor of the carefully handcrafted e-liquid. Available in 60ml ejuice bottles.

All Available in 0MG, 3MG & 6MG

75% VG

DoN'T CaRE BEAR - GreaT GOoey gLObs OF GLUEY, gloppY, GUMMY GUTS, mutilatED meloN Meat, pulverizeD, pUked, PEAR and PEACH…


uGLY BuTTer - They doN’T caLL iT ugLy for noThing… Uncle FreDDy’s famOus, fancy FRiED DOUGH, sHOwered wiTh carnivaL cuLTivaTed CiNNAMON-SUGAR, sereNADed with a cosBy-quaLity BANANA puddiNg.



BAD BLoOD- From the RV, to BAD DRiP LaBS…We coOked up tHis crysTaL BLUEBERRY persuasiON, spaTTered with the bLOod of a POMEGRANATE, hiT oFF with a TRace VANiLLA dusTing.



Due to the nature of this product, there is no warranty offered on Gourmet E-Liquids.