WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

*Clearance* Twist 60ML Tobacco Blend E-liquid



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Twist 60ML Tobacco Blend E-liquid

Flavors Available


Tobacco Gold No. 1 by Twist E Liquid 120ML is one of four new flavors introduced by Daddy's Vapor and it provides a medium-bodied tobacco blend with a hint of sweetness.

The inhale produces a medium-bodied, exquisite tobacco flavor blend that accurately mimics some of the finest tobacco crops in the world. The sweet hints of the undertone help tie these two flavors together leading into the exhale. Upon exhaling is when the full strength of both the sweet undertone and tobacco blend mix together to provide a unique flavor experience.

The throat hit is smooth but noticeable. This is not to be confused with rough or harsh. It is simply detectable while exhaling like an average tobacco themed e juice but does not cause coughing or irritation like a combustible cigarette.


Tobacco Silver No. 1 by Twist E Liquid is a light-bodied tobacco blend flavored juice that has a balanced sweet undertone. This is the perfect flavor for anyone who is looking for an introduction to tobacco themed e juice without it being overbearing.

The inhale produces a very smooth and light tobacco flavor blend that is accompanied by a stronger sweet hint undertone. Upon exhaling the light-bodied tobacco mix strengthens slightly but the sweetness remains the main character hence why Tobacco Silver No. 1 is the perfect choice for an introductory tobacco liquid.

The throat hit is smooth and subtle remaining this way all the way through the exhale. The vaper can fully enjoy the rich complex flavor profile without excessively coughing while exhaling.


Tobacco Platinum No. 1 by Twist E Liquid takes on a sweet tobacco blend that provides an exquisite flavor experience that is unique from any other tobacco flavored e juice on the market.

The inhale produces a strong tobacco-based flavor sensation that is complemented by a slightly sweet undertone. Upon exhaling Tobacco Platinum No. 1 is when the sweet undertone becomes to pick up strength soon blending 50/50 with the rich tobacco blend flavors from the inhale.

Tobacco flavored e juices usually have a throat hit that is on the rougher side of the spectrum but due to the sweet undertones, the throat hit of Tobacco Platinum No. 1 maintains a somewhat smoother approach to an average tobacco blend throat hit.