JoyeTech 1000mah *eGo-T* 2 Upgrade Battery


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JoyeTech 1000mah *eGo-T* 2 Upgrade Battery

NOTE: Black and Stainless Batteries Not On Sale

JoyeTech 1000mah *eGo-T* 2 Upgrade Battery is the classic eGo starter battery. Small tubular shape, portable, compatible with many eGo and 510 threaded cartomizers and clearomizers. Each battery gives approximately 10-12 hours of power between charges, depending on your usage.

**NOTE** ALL BATTERIES ARE eGo-T' 2 Upgrades. These batteries have a Safety feature allowing you to turn the battery off and on with 5 quick clicks.


The Joye eGo-T 2 Upgrade battery runs will last from 10-12 hours of vaping. It uses a high quality, high capacity 1000mah battery with a manual button that lights up white while providing power to the high performance atomizer.

-------------------UPGRADE IMPROVEMENTS-----------------

  • 1: Your Battery can function at 3.3 Volts constantly. Your button will be WHITE when pressed.
  • 2: Your Battery can also function from 4.15V at FULL Charge and decrease to 3.6V as the battery dies.

------------------CHANGING BETWEEN MODES-----------------

  • 1. When your battery is in the OFF position, hold your button down 10 SECONDS and your button will flash ORANGE.
  • 2. Your battery is still off when you switch modes from White (3.3V) to Orange (4.15V to 3.6V from full charge to dead).
  • 3. Turn your battery back on by clicking your manual button 5 times quickly. Your button will now be Orange when pressed. Now your battery is functioning at 4.2V. Repeat this process to switch back to a constant 3.3V.

** One month MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY. Life span 4-8 months(Depends on usage).


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