WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Cookie Twist E-Liquid 60ml



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Cookie Twist E-Liquid 60ml is the NEW crafted flavors and collection from Lemon Twist! Made with only the highest of quality ingredients, Cookie Twist will bring you the absolute delight of your favorite cookies without the guilt of eating sweets! Allow yourself to indulge in this vape juice, and you won't be able to put it down!


Frosted Sugar Cookie allows you to indulge in that sinfully sweet gooey goodness you remember from childhood! The insanely accurate taste of this SUGAR COOKIE will have your taste buds up in arms trying to tell the difference between the actual cookie and this  juice. Stop denying yourself and your sweet tooth of your favorite treats with Frosted Sugar Cookie!

Lose yourself in a creamy cloud of flavor that lets you stuff your face with as many cookies as you'd like, all covered with CREAMY VANILLA ICING for a warm and sweet treat!


Indulge in a sweet and savory delight with every puff of Strawberry Honey Graham by Cookie Twist E-liquid! This magnificent vape juice is crafted with the best quality ingredients to give you a full bodied vaping experience consisting of a tasty graham cracker covered in delicious strawberry jam and a rich honey glaze! Cookie Twist Strawberry Honey Graham will fulfill all your sweet tooth desires while maintaining a well rounded and balanced flavor profile. Each flavor works perfectly in unison to please your taste buds making it the go-to flavor for any pastry lover!

With each inhale of Cookie Twist Strawberry Honey Graham vape juice, you will be greeted with a helpful serving of intoxicating strawberry jam which will tickle your taste buds just like strawberry seeds naturally do! Then a sweeter side of jam will emerge providing you with the perfect transition to the exhale. Upon exhale of Strawberry Honey Graham a mouthwatering graham cracker drizzled with fresh honey will bring to wonderful vaping experience to a close.

Cookie Twist E-liquids are available in 60ml size in 3mg and 6mg


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