Space Jam Premium E Liquid 60ml

Space Jam Premium E Liquid 60ml

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Space Jam Premium E Liquid 60ml

Space Jam Premium E Liquid 60ml


Based out of an undisclosed location, deep in the cosmos, Space Jam Juice was originally beamed down to earth during the great Centaurus alien invasion of 2012.  You probably haven’t heard of it.  There was a massive government cover-up, but we digress.

At the time, Earthling-crafted e-liquids were mediocre at best, as the industry was in its early stages, and the methods for crafting superior, premium e-liquids had not yet been discovered.  Thanks to some interstellar intercession, Space Jam Juice exploded onto the vaping scene, with e-liquids crafted using quality and manufacturing standards never before seen on Earth.  Thus, the e-juice market was forever changed.

Their flavors focus on creamy, fruity blends, with unusual, unique, yet mouthwatering mixes of flavors. Don’t fear the tractor beam.  This is one alien abduction you’ll definitely enjoy.

Space Jam e-juice has been providing vapers with an out-of-this-world vaping experience since it first took the vaping world by storm. Space Jam juice is all mixed by a Space Jam Mix Master for the perfect balance of flavors in every bottle.


All Bottles are 70VG/30PG


It’s time to pull out the beach chairs and layer on the sun screen – Space Jam has mixed up a fruity concoction of tropical goodness that will teleport your taste buds to the beaches of Cancun! Introducing Thermal E-Juice: A sensational, fruit blended smoothie flavor that combines fresh Kiwi’s and ripe Oranges to provide a tropical vaping experience that’s fit for a King!

Primary Flavors: Kiwi Orange Smoothie



Space Jam’s latest Starhunter E-Juice will have you kicking off those flip-flops and relaxing, providing a perfect all-day excuse to enjoy a full-bodied flavor in the shade on a Tuesday. Star hunter combines Georgian Peaches and Louisianan Lemonade to create an out of this world vape juice that enables maximum relaxing.

Primary Flavors: Peach Lemonade



Yamato by Space Jam is a out of this world high VG blueberry muffin, presenting a freshly baked, warm, and soft muffin sprinkled with crisp and fruity interstellar blueberries.

Primary Flavor: Blueberry Muffin


Particle Y:  Previously Known as Particle X!

Particle Y E-Liquid is the result of putting freshly picked Blueberries and perfectly ripened Raspberries in the Large Hadron Collider. The juicy explosion compliments the sweet fruit flavor, providing a high-quality vape juice for our all day vaping pleasure.

Primary Flavors: Blueberry Raspberry Sugar


There are no warranties on Premium E-Liquids!