Reviews by our valued customers.

Darrin: Very nice people. I love the website.

Even: Fantastic flavors, supreme service, great pricing (flavors of the week, weekenders, free sample), quick shipping, and super friendly staff! I've been a TVR customer for a couple of years now and I will continue to support them. They do right by their customers.

Nancy: Wonderful as always....I won't order anywhere else!

Phil: I have written several reviews about the Vapor Room over the last 27 months and the best thing I can say is my opinion hasn't changed this
is by far the best product and vendor I have had the pleasure of purchasing from. The folks at the Vapor Room are truly interested in doing what ever it takes to make the customer happy and the juice flavors are by far the best on the market I have tried several others over the last 2+ years and no one comes close to Josh, Jess Flora and all the folks are awesome people. When it comes to putting out a product that is miles above the rest this is the only place to buy from. Friends have convinced me to try other big name vendors and not one could come close to the Vapor Room. These are the best on the market. A couple of my favorites are the Vanilla custard, French Vanilla and toasted almond but I have had many others and never been disappointed 27 months ago I started Vaping and buying from the Vapor Room to quit smoking after 35 yea rsand I haven't had a cigarette since that day but still enjoy Vaping these flavors. I would also recommend looking through the site on a regular basis as some of the deals on hardware are amazing. I give the Vapor Room a rating of all 5's only because yahoo systems doesn't allow me to rate this company higher.

Cat: Will never go anywhere else for my vape needs! Thank you for being so awesome!!

Linda: They always get my order correct and I love the free sample that is included. As long as I vape I will always purchase from

Claire: Wonderful products, wonderful service! I highly recommend The Vapor Room for all your vaping needs!! Especially the French Vanilla juice flavor, it is phenomenal!!

Noel: Placing the order was simple it gave you all your options! I got a confirmation email when it was sent and it arrived on time! & the added little sample bottles are always a plus!! 🙂

Karen: The Vapor Room is always fast, efficient and friendly!

Dana: I just received my first order as a new customer,and WOW! The Gingerbread is, Bar None, The BEST vape juice I have ever tried.EVER! I give it 5 out of 5 STARS! There is another place based in Maryland I used to order from(with a martial arts themed name) that I will never order from again.This juice is BY FAR superior in every way.I don't know how you do it better than everyone else,but PLEASE keep on doing it!!!!! Your excellent customer service and your superior product has earned you a customer for life. Thank You Josh and Jess!

Robert: I ordered from you the first time last week. I want to give you a glowing review on how awesome you guys are, and this is just my first order! I made a mistake on my order, you guys corrected it quickly. You provided me with a few small trial bottles that I did not order. I assume it was not a mistake but to get me to try some of your other flavors. That is awesome! I can say I never would have considered Apple Pie but I tried the one you sent and that will be on my very next order. Thank you guys for being so awesome and I look forward to using you for all of my vapor needs. Also, kudos on the fast shipping and AMAZING customer service.

Karen: Great company. Items ship right away. Never a problem. I just wish they had their own sign in rather than have you sign in using an established ID thru another web site.

Nancy: Love your products &'s always the best!

Martin: Such a pleasure to shop here, very consistent customer experience & always fantastic!

Kathy: I couldn't be more pleased. The products and customer service are fantastic!

Adam: All around excellent, they have great vape at amazing prices and fast shipping

Bobby: I couldn't be more pleased with my purchases from The Vapor Room! The shipping options are great, and delivery has been fast and inexpensive. The $4.00 shipping option is very fast and the low-cost shipping makes many purchases possible that would not be economically feasible if shipping costs more. Their website is easy to use, unlike a few others I have seen. They have a wonderful selection of products and I couldn't be happier! Thank you, Josh and Jess!

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