WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Reviews by our valued customers.

Darrin: Very nice people. I love the website.

Even: Fantastic flavors, supreme service, great pricing (flavors of the week, weekenders, free sample), quick shipping, and super friendly staff! I've been a TVR customer for a couple of years now and I will continue to support them. They do right by their customers.

Nancy: Wonderful as always....I won't order anywhere else!

Phil: I have written several reviews about the Vapor Room over the last 27 months and the best thing I can say is my opinion hasn't changed this
is by far the best product and vendor I have had the pleasure of purchasing from. The folks at the Vapor Room are truly interested in doing what ever it takes to make the customer happy and the juice flavors are by far the best on the market I have tried several others over the last 2+ years and no one comes close to Josh, Jess Flora and all the folks are awesome people. When it comes to putting out a product that is miles above the rest this is the only place to buy from. Friends have convinced me to try other big name vendors and not one could come close to the Vapor Room. These are the best on the market. A couple of my favorites are the Vanilla custard, French Vanilla and toasted almond but I have had many others and never been disappointed 27 months ago I started Vaping and buying from the Vapor Room to quit smoking after 35 yea rsand I haven't had a cigarette since that day but still enjoy Vaping these flavors. I would also recommend looking through the site on a regular basis as some of the deals on hardware are amazing. I give the Vapor Room a rating of all 5's only because yahoo systems doesn't allow me to rate this company higher.

Cat: Will never go anywhere else for my vape needs! Thank you for being so awesome!!

Linda: They always get my order correct and I love the free sample that is included. As long as I vape I will always purchase from Thevaporroom.net.

Claire: Wonderful products, wonderful service! I highly recommend The Vapor Room for all your vaping needs!! Especially the French Vanilla juice flavor, it is phenomenal!!

Noel: Placing the order was simple it gave you all your options! I got a confirmation email when it was sent and it arrived on time! & the added little sample bottles are always a plus!! 🙂

Karen: The Vapor Room is always fast, efficient and friendly!

Dana: I just received my first order as a new customer,and WOW! The Gingerbread is, Bar None, The BEST vape juice I have ever tried.EVER! I give it 5 out of 5 STARS! There is another place based in Maryland I used to order from(with a martial arts themed name) that I will never order from again.This juice is BY FAR superior in every way.I don't know how you do it better than everyone else,but PLEASE keep on doing it!!!!! Your excellent customer service and your superior product has earned you a customer for life. Thank You Josh and Jess!

Robert: I ordered from you the first time last week. I want to give you a glowing review on how awesome you guys are, and this is just my first order! I made a mistake on my order, you guys corrected it quickly. You provided me with a few small trial bottles that I did not order. I assume it was not a mistake but to get me to try some of your other flavors. That is awesome! I can say I never would have considered Apple Pie but I tried the one you sent and that will be on my very next order. Thank you guys for being so awesome and I look forward to using you for all of my vapor needs. Also, kudos on the fast shipping and AMAZING customer service.

Karen: Great company. Items ship right away. Never a problem. I just wish they had their own sign in rather than have you sign in using an established ID thru another web site.

Nancy: Love your products & service...it's always the best!

Martin: Such a pleasure to shop here, very consistent customer experience & always fantastic!

Kathy: I couldn't be more pleased. The products and customer service are fantastic!

Adam: All around excellent, they have great vape at amazing prices and fast shipping

Bobby: I couldn't be more pleased with my purchases from The Vapor Room! The shipping options are great, and delivery has been fast and inexpensive. The $4.00 shipping option is very fast and the low-cost shipping makes many purchases possible that would not be economically feasible if shipping costs more. Their website is easy to use, unlike a few others I have seen. They have a wonderful selection of products and I couldn't be happier! Thank you, Josh and Jess!

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Nancy: Always beyond excellent 🙂 Thank you TheVaporRoom.net

Karen: Always prompt with fulfilling orders. A friendly hand written Thank You on each packing slip! No problems. Very satisfied.

Ronnie: This is my second order from thevaporroom.net and everything came in on point, bottles were filled to the top, great quality juice just like my first order. I’ve recommended them to personal friends. I’ll be making another order this upcoming week. I’m very satisfied!

Ronnie: I was very surprised when I placed my first order on the tvr juice. The flavors tasted so real, exactly as described. So far I’ve tried 7 different flavors, and would purchase 6 of them again in the future. Everything in my order was correct, and came in 2 days. Shipped from The US. So pleased I placed a second order. Great prices too, less than half the price of what I would pay locally. Overall, I’m very satisfied, I’m going to be purchasing most of my juice in the future here.

Phil: I keep getting these as I keep requesting these reviews. I truly hope that yahoo reads these because it’s important to me that you understand what a wonderful company The Vapor Room is and how well they treat their customers above and beyond what you would expect from any company I have not been let down by the vapor room and how they reach out to help customers and go the extra distance to make sure I am satisfied with my purchase. There are companies that sell the same type of product for a little less than the Vapor room but as I see it I always get more than what I pay for with the wonderful customer service and high quality product. If every company was as good as the Vapor Room there would be no need for these rating systems your numbers (5) isn’t high enough and you as well should thank them for the integrity they bring to online buying. Keep it up Vapor Room My only regret is I can’y buy more right now but you will be getting many more orders from me for many more years.

Megan: Nice business, friendly, professional, Quick delivery, and there always letting you try free samples. I’m always recommending my friends

Robert: The Vapor Room has become one of my best places to shop. The juices are excellent and have good flavor. I find it hard to purchase from anyone else after using their products. I’ve also checked out some hardware and some supplies and they have good prices for retail store. Now one of my favorite places to get ejuice!!

Phil: Your not going to find a better place to buy products from this rating system does not do THE VAPOR ROOM justice they are by far the best vendor I have felt with and will not deal with any other unless it’s for something that isn’t carried by the vapor room.

Brie: I have been using the Vapor room for the past three years. Everything about the company has been excellent in every way. I try to not have my personal credit cards attached to any company. So even though I sign in as a guest they still have my order info. which has been helpful when I have had a question, which I think it makes their customer service excellent. Also when I have a question they get back with you quickly. They teach you how to use the v-cig for the most using time. They have specials for holidays, so I look forward to them. I would highly recommend this company.

Thomas: Very good company. I like the live chats with questions and answers. This is generally where I do all my vapor shopping. Love the free samples!

Nancy: TheVaporRoom.net has juice like no other! Excellent all the way around, thank you!

Dennis: An excellent company to deal with. I will keep coming back.Thank you for great service and products.

Phil: On March 3rd. I placed an order and had a family emergency when I contacted The Vapor Room via e-mail and explained my situation regarding my problem and needed to change to shipping options so that it was possible to receive the package before I left town as to not have it sit in my mail box for several days the folks at the Vapor gladly did so I received the package the next day. I want to thank Flora along with Josh and Jess for proving once again what wonderful people and company they are. Not many people care about customers like they do and a rating of 5 express how grateful I am. For such amazing customer service.- Phil B

Michele: I love this store! All my vaping needs in one place. Low one-price shipping no matter how much you order. GREAT customer service and handwritten notes in each shipment. Quality products, great eJuice and lots of links info for newbies!

Stephen: Will be ordering again soon and regularly! Thanks!

Rodriques: I have never experienced such great customer service. I enjoy ordering from this company and would recommend them to any one. I really enjoy that there products come to me in a timely and acceptable manner. I have no complaints and look forward to doing more business with the company.

Leo: My order was processed and shipped very fast. I also received a Thank you note which I didn’t expect. The juice that I ordered taste incredible top notch. I definitely will be buying every month from them, great customer service, excellent shipping, great prices and incredible juices.

Phil B: Vapor room has improved 100% in every aspect shipping is higher that the other vendors I use but other than that they have a fantastic crew and the best E-Liquids anywhere and the service is bar none the best out there I love doing business with Josh and Jess. Only with priority shipping was less expensive I would order more I rate the company 99.9. THANK YOU VAPOR ROOM

Rus: The Vapor Room is my Go To store for e-juice and other vaping supplies. The customer service is second to none!

Brie: I have used their product for about 2 years. The price is great for this product. There are places that say “cheap” V-cig products. I do not want anything cheap near my face. The delivery is fast whether you pay or its free . When I try a new product, they are so helpful. My last order I was not sure I was getting the proper battery and they quickly answered my question, less than 12 hours. I did try several electronic v-gig companies and they do not compare to the service and great product that Vapor Room offers. Enjoy

Matthew: They have high quality merchandise and pretty quick shipping considering the size of the company. I live their juice, its better than anyone else’s around. And the little hand written thank you note from them is a very nice touch. Have recommended them to people I know and will continue to.

Jay: Love these guys. Awesome juices awesome prices. Shipping was quick too. I would recommend to all my friends and family.

Ricky: First time purchase from The Vapor Room, but it won’t be my last. Great company to deal with from my experience!

Kevin: The Vapor Room when well out of there way to take care of a new customer like me will recommend them to everyone.

Cortney: I Love theses guys! Always helpful,fast and friendly.I use them for all my ecig needs!!!! keep it up vaporroom!

Micheal: I have been a repeat customer for some time. I even gave Vapor Room gift cards to my two adult sons for Christmas so they could enjoy their juice too! Very happy customer.

Chris: The Vapor Room has the most incredible E-juices on the market. They have a great variety of flavors and the flavors have been outstanding.

Beverly: The best place to buy e-cig products. They are wonderful and I love the personal touch! I won’t use anyone else.

Alexis: The Vapor Room has the best quality juices I’ve found, by far. They have great customer service. There’s at least 3 different people that can handle ANY problem or question you might have. Flora, Lindaey, and Leigh have all been really nice and helpful. The way the handle the shipping is quick, accurate, and safely packed. No matter how bad the delivery companies beat the hell out of the package, not even 1 glass bottle was ever damaged, and I’ve place over 10 orders. Many of them very large. They even do free 1-3 day priority shipping with large orders. I can keep on and keep on but I’m going to place another order. Just try them once and remember to tell them what flavor you want for your free 15ml bottle for first time customers. You’ll be hooked… Thank you Vapor Room!!!!

Cathy: Great place to shop for all your vaping needs! Great flavors, prices, great customer service and great quality product. I will not shop anywhere else. I have been shopping here for well over a year and have not been disappointed yet.

Thomas: Excellent quality and flavor of e-liquids. Products are reasonably priced. They carry some otherwise difficult to find products.

Kelly: Easy and great to order and emails questions answered promptly. Great proprietors and staff

Bryon: One Stop Shop for Excellent Quality, Low Cost Vapor Products and Accessories with Superior Customer Service!

Margaret: Super fast shipping. Love the customer service. Will shop with them forever!

Christopher: I’ve been ordering from The Vapor Room for about a month and a half and I’ve already ordered about 10 times. I’ve tried different juices from different companies and I have yet to find the same quality as The Vapor Room.

Paul: Very smooth, easy transaction. Was provided a quality product at a very competitive price. Will definitely shop at The Vapor Room in the future!

Cathy: Great products, excellent customer service. Overall very happy and will purchase from them again.

Michael: What’s to say you got love the store the product and the customer service.

Reece: This is how business is done.

Kristy: I absolutely love this store!!!! The flavors for my e cigarette are awesome!!! I’ve tried a few other flavors, but what the vapor room has beats the crap out of the others I’ve tried!!! I also really enjoy the hand written note on my receipt, makes me feel more like an individual than just another number!!! I would give the vapor room 10 stars, but unfortunately the ratings only go up to 5.

Matthew: I had an amazing experience using the vapor room. The quality is some of the finest available! I will no doubt purchase from them again!

Robin: An absolutely wonderful experience. Great personal touches, fast shipping, and by far the best ejuice I’ve ever had!! I’m definitely a customer for life!! I’m so happy that I found this vendor!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! I have nothing but GREAT things to say about The Vapor Room 🙂

Isaac: This site has the best e-cig liquid hands down. I am now exclusive to there juice. The prices are definitely worth it for the quality. Shipping is always very quick and I’ve never had any problems with ordering. I am 100% satisfied.

William: I have now placed a few orders with thevaporroom.net and I have to say that I am an extremely satisfied customer. They run a lot of great promotions (especially for first time buyers and their referrers) and have an amazing selection. I order from them rather than go down the road to a local store because of how high quality their product is as well as their dedication to customer server. One thing I’d like to mention, while minor, is that they write notes to the customer on their receipts. To me this shows their amazing level of customer service, that they take the time to simply write a note on every single order says great things about them. 10/10 extremely satisfied.

Ashlea: I have used multiple e juice vendors, The Vapor Room is hands down the BEST! Great flavor, excellent vapor, affordable juice. Shipping is quick and I love their weekly specials.

Beverly: I love it! I can get the flavors that suit me! The customer service is great. You know your patronage is appreciated when each delivery has a handwritten note! They really appreciate their customers! I have never been disappointed!

Michael: I don’t think I can thank the vapor room enough for helping me quit smoking. They were recommended by a friend and I still use them to this day. Their juice is always consistent, and always has me coming back. Thank you Vapor Room!

Marc: The Vapor Room helped me correct a mistake I had made with my order and the corrected order was shipped promptly. Quality products, quality service, and a great price.

Nicholas: This business is the hot shiznitz!

Brie:Shipping is quick, the products are top quality ,had tried several companies before finding The Vapor Room, the customer service is the best, if I can not remember a certain thing about a previous order they send me a response quickly and will fix the issue without me having to place another order, they have great sales and always nice to get a weekender for free with each order. I highly recommend the Vapor Room..!!!

Tate: I Love “The Vapor Room”. You pay a little more for their stuff than you would for the Chinese stuff but really god only knows whats in that Chinese stuff and Vapor Room makes their juice fresh. Expect to wait about a week from the time you place your order until it shows up at your door. They actually have to mix up each little bottle so its not as easy as tossing all your stuff in a box and sending it. I highly recommend the juice from the vapor room and if you order from their weekly 30ml specials the price is unbeatable. Also they are very friendly and responsive (unlike SOME other vapor vendors) and I will continue to order from them every week or two.

Max: Excellent prompt service and they’ve sent me a free sample with every order. Each of these samples has been well selected and has led to me discovering something I would not have tried otherwise. Worthy of receiving your hard earned money!

William: The Vapor Room has great prices, excellent customer service, outstanding quality products, and an extensive selection to boot. I have found my go-to e-liquid store. The only downside to shopping with TVR is I can never decide which flavors I want!

Brian: The Vapor Room has great flavors, another thing I want to comment about that other companies don’t really pay much mind to is the detailing in their juice labels. They are great, very detailed and visibly clear. – Thanks Again

Elizabeth: I’ve been shopping with The Vapor Room for months and months, and I just love them. Great products, great customer service – a terrific company all around.

Tim: I’ve dealt with a few different vaping web sites in by far the vapor room was the best. I recommended them to all my friends n even complete strangers. And the good thing is there local, well at least in the same state as me. Overall I could not be happier. thank you Josh and Jess for everything please continue the good work.

Linda:These guys have the most updated vaping paraphernalia around. Also they put alot of Love into the making of the juices. Glad I found these guys.

Ryan: Josh and Jess are the best! I came across a gold mine with thevaporroom.net! Their service is excellent and their juices are excellent! I have been recommending them to my friends and will be a loyal customer. TVR is making an impact on the west coast!!

Karren: Great company to deal with. Nice people and great service! I’ve recommended them to fellow vapors.

William: Awesome store! Their products are great, great tasting, and come at an awesome price. The shipping is fast their deals are spectacular.

Zach: In a quest to find a vapor cigarette that lasts more than 7 hours, I was introduced to Joyetech’s line of products. I was excited to hear that my firend’s Joyetech battery not only lasted for days, but also the tank lasted that time as well. After trying it, I was sold… Finding someone with their model online was a challenge though. Most places were too high priced for a starter kit or not in stock at all! That was both good (in that people like them) and bad (that they were out of stock). So Google led me to The Vapor Room. After looking around, It felt like almost like a small business in comparison to others out there. For me, that’s good – I’m a person not a number. I was certainly not disappointed! The Vapor Room took attention to every detail: I knew what I was ordering, and about the product. They have a pretty amazing line of e-liquid too – all of which are made by them! After watching video reviews I was getting excited! I immediately picked out a sampler set of liquids of my choice, a different model that what I was looking at originally (USB pass-through (how cool is that?!)), and for new accounts, they even offer a bottle of my choice of e-liquid gratis! Naturally, I was anxious for it to arrive, and admittantly, I probably asked too soon about a tracking number, but they took the time to write back and let me know the whereabouts of my order and provided a tracking number as well…only hours after I inquired. Most places wouldn’t even dignify you with an answer! The Vapor Room is right there for you with answers and needs you may have – in a word, the service is AMAZING. The day my kit arrived, the battery was ready to go! I picked a duplicate tube of liquid (purposely ordered) to allow the others reach their full flavor. Assembly was simple. It’s got to be the most elegant and simple device I’ve owned! I opened the invoice and even have a handwritten note about my order thanking me for my business. Their attention to details have secured me as a customer. I’ll gladly be ordering with them from now on – Thank you Vapor Room, you guys and gals rock.

Zach: I can’t say enough good things about this place – great product, fast delivery and over the top customer service. You can’t go wrong folks!

Gene: The Vapor Room, its employees and products are AWESOME! No other word for it. These guys and gals go out of their way to make sure the customer is happy. Willing to bet they have many others that feel just like I do. 3 thumbs up.

Teena: The Vapor room has been awesome from my 1st order to my 7th order and I expect will always be that way. Fast service and super customer service! Wouldn’t go any where else for eliquid even if they were priced double everyone else (which they are not). I have never delt with a vendor that is so easy going and accomodating. Their eliquid is the best with pure ingredients and you can tell it. I love them!!

Nathan: I went from 2 packs a day to may 3 cigarettes in a month I love their products and customer service. They took the time on the phone with me to make sure I had the correct device to fit my needs, they were great. Thank you Vapor Room!

Fred: Good people and good product. Can’t ask for more!

Frank: i have tried many different ecig suppliers on the web and locally and i always find myself back at the vaporroom for the best quality eliquids and variety of new products to choose from these guys are the best supplier on the east coast.

Barry: These guys are the best people to deal with. Their juice has the best flavor that I have tried so far and their shipping is fast too.

Gregory: The best E-cig merchants. Shipments are prompt and products are great. I’ve been buying from them monthly for the last year & have never been disappointed.

Casey: :I really like the service i get from the vapor room. the hand written note they always send with the invoice is such a special touch that says they care about the customer. i always will order from the vapor room, time after time. thank you.

Shawn: These are the finest folks you can deal with in your vaping supplies, timely delivery and ALWAYS top notch service and products!!! There is no finer place to shop online! I really do mean these are the very best of the best! Great juice, great folks!!!

Even: Very helpful merchant. I emailed them questions about their juices and they were very helpful. Plus the pricing and free samples are awesome! I discovered some great flavors that I might not have normally tried. 🙂

John: The Vapor Room has been a extremely wonderful vendor to deal with on every single transaction. They have always provided a great product and service. I highly recommend them to all of you looking for a great place to get your vaping supplies. Their juice is top notch and consistently great with wonderful flavor and vapor production.

Their weekender and flavor specials are great buys. Being able to get a 30ml bottle for only $10 is always a good thing. The weekender is $7.00 Monday thru Thursday and only $5.00 on the weekend. It is a inexpensive way to try new flavors.

Jennifer: I have heard of “The Vapor Room” and the GREAT reviews. When you ORDER you get a FREE BIG bottle 15ml of juice for dripping into your cartomizers or Tanks for first time customers! AMAZING what co. does that!!?!?! Awesome I must say! The french toast is TO Flipping Die For! This is on my all time fav. list now as will but it all the time and its was a pg/vg mixture (Yesterday my throat swelled closed because I did a 25/75, still need to go straight vg and I placed another order yesterday!) For now I am mixing my French Toast with another Juice that is VG 36 and flavors it SO GOOD!

ALSO J&J, were nice enough to include the tiny cute baby bottle of another sample! AMAZING AGAIN! It looks like a 3ml bottle that’s Lemon Meringue (Thanks again guys for another sample, keeps one coming back for sure damn!) Im already liking this company .. especially being new to vaping and being able to try new flavors! Heaven in a awesome company!!! ..Now on to what I bought LOL a 5pck sampler..which includes Blue Cotton Candy, Pina Colada, Cake Batter, Vanilla Cupcake, Cheese Cake (ya see the theme here, sweets with NO FAT on the belly ROFLMAO) And I bought a new drip tip. I already have a purple one, So needed a new one!! As I am pg sensitivity most juice is REALLY thick, but they mixed the juice well wasn’t to strong a flavor and wasn’t to light for the vg/nic base. On top of that I am thinking they are using a flavoring I have read about in the last few weeks, and it is one of the best flavorings. I did my steeping and of course, the french toast is awesome. The Vanilla Cupcake was good, I think that will be reorder with my french toast, the others I would have to say, something was wrong with the batch or the cart I had because I would draw in and wouldn’t get vapor (so maybe to much watch in the batch?) I doubt it because it looked perfectly mixed right with consistency, so I don’t know but also the flavors just didn’t hit me right I thought they would have a Vanilla-ie flavor, no, not really. They might be good there were flavor shots, but I sent them to a friend, and the others I will as well so they can at least try them. As T.i.S. (That’s taste is subjective, the new acronym I put together, lol.) Blue Cotton Candy had a slight cinnamon flavor, very light and would of been good, again if I could of gotten my cloud of vapor and a stronger taste as well as the pineapple. I really think its just my taste buds, and not the flavors, I have to say. As I have been vaping only 17 days today, Taste buds are changing, and in the future I might try again because they sound so yummy and just get flavor drops in them.

Thanks for everything, and will def. be a long time customer.The Vapor Room is Great!

Shawn: Best to be had, no finer products or help to be found anywhere! This is THE place to get your juice!

Ashley: Wonderful, wonderful company. Processing time is obviously based more on the quality side than on the side of convenience. Someone who needs a product RIGHT NOW might be disappointed, but someone who is looking for a fantastic purchase and money well-spent like myself will ultimately be impressed. The merchant included two free samples for me, and the free sample I was expecting was larger than I’d thought it would be. I was impressed with each and every item I received, which is rare, since I am very finicky.

I will be ordering again tomorrow. Thank you so much, guys!

Elizabeth: The Vapor Room is terrific company, and doing business with them is a real pleasure. It’s true that their site isn’t the fanciest in the world, but their juices are absolutely top notch. The flavors are rich and interesting, and vape just beautifully on all sorts of devices. Their customer service is great, and their delivery times have been consistently good. They offer a glass bottle option in multiple sizes, and lots of customization options as well. And who doesn’t love weekly specials? =)Thumbs up on all counts.

Tom: I have been ording from thevaporroom.net for about a year and I have been very satisfied. They are one of the only places I order my eJuice from. I scored a 5 on everything, with the exception of delivery and price. I scored price a 4 only because without purchasing the weekly deal a bottle is close to $20. When I dont like any of the flavors on the weekly deal I am forced to order elseware or go without, But they usually have a flavor on the weekly deal that I like or have wanted to try. I scored and 3 on delivery. Only because of the time to get the package. I have waited close to two weeks to get my order before. The time it takes to get the package I believe is because they have become so popular. Maybe they should hire some more help if they can afford it. All in all thevaporroom.net if my first choice and I recommend them to everyone I talk to about ecigs. Simply because they are the BEST!!!

Brandon: Been ordering my juice from TVR for about a year now, couldn’t be any happier. Fantastic selection of flavors, great options like nicotine strength and pg/vg mix, the prices and shipping is great, and you even get a free sampler with every order.

Cassie: Awesome company, products and people!

Steve: By far the best product, the best product, professional labeling and packaging and, the best service. Consistent quality in their liquids. Their 100% VG’s look almost edible (kids, don’t try this at home)! I’d tell you my favorite e-juice, but I don’t want them to run out! You might think it is Toasted Tobacco, but I couldn’t possibly comment. -tiapa

Felipe: I have purchased from many vendors and by far The Vapor Room is at the top on my list they have great products delicious e-juice and very competitive prices!! I would recommend them to anyone who loves to vape!! Keep up the great work guys!!

Bradford: Straight up 5-star vapor shop. Absolutely fantastic customer service, huge selection of juices, blends, and strengths. Awesome flavors. High quality products. One of my favorite vendors! Can’t say enough good about them.

Brett: The VaporRoom is fantastic!Friendly service, plenty of shipping options and their juice is wonderful!I’ll definitely be doing business with them again.

Bradford: 5 star vendor all around. Absolutely phenomenal products, great customer service. Small shipping delay, but worth the wait, since juices are made to order and are super fresh. These guys really go the extra mile to satisfy their customers :)Can’t recommend these folks enough. Nothing but good things to say.

Adrian: I know that 5 stars in all categories seems like a sham, but The Vapor Room is just that good. Their juice is amazing, their prices are better than reasonable, and their customer service is awesome. Actually, the only customer service I’ve experienced from them is the notes they include with each order. They’ve never messed anything up, so I’ve never had to contact them. By far my favorite juice vendor.

Jeremy: I knew I ordered from the right place when I received my order. A personalized hand written note goes a long way in my book 🙂 I loved having the option to purchase a sample pack of 3ml bottles. It makes finding “the” juice a lot quicker and cheaper! Their flavors are spot on and getting to choose your preferred mix ratio is a bonus! I’ll definitely be ordering from them again!

Daniel: I just wanted to let anyone thinking about placing an order know that they can take comfort in the fact that you’re about to get some of the best vapes out there. Every flavor is exactly what you would hope for. I have gone from vendor to vendor in search of one whose flavors taste just as well as they’re described as tasting. Forget the big business vendors, who stockpile a bunch of liquid and sit them on the shelves. Forget ordering from some unknown source, hoping at least 1 of the 10 liquids tastes good enough to vape for a while. These guys sell fresh liquid, tasty liquid, and they do it with gratitude. A handwritten “Thank you”, quick service and delivery, amazingly real flavors, and an occasional free treat thrown in the bag. Looking at my liquid collection, I probably have a good 50 10ml bottles from various vendors. Once I found these guys, those 50 have sat idly by while I enjoy TVR’s e-liquid. It’s the only way to go! Thanks for a quality product.


Loren: Look, I am just saying, how many other companies will hand write a thank you for shopping from them?

Cristin: Your products are excellent and the customer service response to my questions were immediate and professional! Thanks for your great service!!

Shelley: The Vapor Room is amazing! Very quick service, fair and friendly. They answer your emails VERY promptly and very informative. The prices are amazing and lightning fast shipping also. I highly recommend the Vapor Room to anyone I know literally I have been telling everyone about it:)

Marlo: Once they ship it, it always gets to my place in 3 days. The flavors that they carry are awesome in my opinion. I had a D.O.A battery and they sent me a replacement with no hassle along with a bottle of juice. They were also quick to answer my emails. So far I really like this store and and plan on buying from them in the future.

Rachel: The Vapor Room will win you over at every step of the vendor experience. They have unbelievable specials, outstanding customer care, and a quality product, unparalleled at the price. I love doing business with small business owners with heart, and the proprietors of The Vapor Room are among the very best. TVR’s liquid flavors are amazingly authentic, with none of that saccharine sweet fakey-fakey taste. Budget vapers, rejoice! The’Flavors of the Week’ and ‘Weekender’ categories have fantastic bargains, with a little something for every taste on special every week. You just can’t go wrong with TVR… its become my vape-home away from home, and I’m so grateful to know that I can send all my friends who are new to vaping to TVR and know they’ll be well taken care of and receive an exemplary product, from their very first visit. I’ve purchased similar products from at least 30 vendors in the last 3 years, and TVR leaves ’em all in the dust. A+ vendor, all the way!

Harry: Super fast shipping, amazing customer service, awesome prices, great variety. Perfect experience.

Cindy: The Vapor Room has the best tasting ecig juice! Eveytime I receive my order,Im amazed! The Waffle,taste like a waffle with a little bit of syrup and just a hint of butter! The Keoke coffee is just like a strong cup of coffee! The french vanilla coffee taste wonderful! Ive tried quite a few flavors now. They are all excellent! I look foward to their flavors of the week(30ml.for $10.00!)Then,to top it all off,with each purchase,you will get a free 3ml.sample! I know that any I try will be wonderful.The Vapor room also has a refer a friend program. When you refer a friend,you will receive a 15ml.bottle of e juice for free! Customer service is great.As you can probably tell,Im so happy with the Vapor room that Ill never look anywhere else for my juices!I love their 50pg/50vg.blend.It is great(no more dry mouth!)I highly recommend.


Keith: I’m very happy ordering from TVR – I always get my shipment 3 days from my order, they always write a hand-written note thanking me for my order (which alot of vendors dont) – and finally I LOVE their juice.. This is my forever juice site. Thanks Jess and Josh!

Justin: This is a great site. Love to purchase their products. They have great products and wonderful customer service. Unlike many of the other similar sites. If I can by it from the vapor room, then I wouldn’t buy it anywhere else.

Michael: This is in regards to my second order from The Vapor Room.Everything I ordered was packaged very nicely, in excellent condition and delivered quickly. The juice is of excellent quality. The accessories also perform as stated. I’m working on my third order now and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchases. You can feel confident ordering from The Vapor Room, so do so!

Patrick: Great products, great service. Who could ask for more??

Aria: Love them – amazing service true customer care.

Michael: This was my very first order from this merchant. Product was shipped in the time frame stated and was delivered in top condition. I received a sample of their juice for ordering as well as being a first time customer. The quality was impressive! They actually provide a personal touch that you rarely get from any retailer. I wish I were closer, I would enjoy shopping in person at their establishment. I have since placed an additional order and it is on its way! I would highly recommend purchasing from this merchant and I will continue to do so myself in the future.

Gina: I LOVE The Vapor Room!! Communication is perfect; shipping is incredibly prompt. Other vendors could take a lesson. Thanks, TVR!!

Terry: The Vapor Room has, by far, the very best customer service in the industry. They have the best prices, the best attitudes, and the most insanely fast shipping. Their prices are so much better than any of their competition, whether it be on e-juice or e-cig mechanical elements. I am always happy when I make a purchase from them, and I hate spending money, because doing business with Josh and Jess is a consistently pleasant transaction. Their shipping prices are always reasonable and delivery speed is right up their with online giants Amazon and Netflix. I check every to see what their 30 mil flavors of the week are; they are only 10 bucks for 30 mils, that’s just such a great price for a real quality juice. Although I am generally a tobacco guy, one of all time favorite flavors is their Banana Split, preferably at 18 mg of nicotine. As far as the relational aspect of doing business with them, it has a very warm and inviting feel to it. Never mind how quick they are to remedy any trouble that might arise. I just wanted to take this moment to thank you, and let others know just why they should shop The Vapor Room.

Brenda: Vapor Room has always been prompt and easy to order from. Great juice and products with good prices. They`re my main supplier, now.

Yelitza: I’ve been a vaper for over a year now and The Vapor Room is on my Top 3 preferred stores for vaping supplies. Specially e-juice! They have a great variety of flavors and types, really cool perks and incredibly fair prices! I can’t rate their customer service because I’ve never had to contact them, as I always receive what I order in perfect working condition, and fast! 😀 I will continue to buy from them and I would definitely recommend this store to a friend!

Andrew: I tried other juice vendors, and I was left with a bad taste in my mouth, literally. I happened upon your business by my friend, and I must say from my very first order, the promptness, professionalism, and the personal touches in every order I’ve ever received is top notch.

As for the juice, nobody can even come close to the quality or the flavor. I owe it to you guys, I’ve been off of analogs since I received my first batch of juice. I intend to remain a faithful customer as long as The Vapor Room is around. I will continue to recommend my family and friends.

Justin: This place is an amazing experience all around. The customer service is some of the best I have ever had. Kind of like I expect in a Chick -Fil- A or a Nordstrom. Excellent. I have never been disappointed, never had a problem. If anything my orders have always arrived early. I order from them for all my e-cig needs. I can’t say enough about them other than TRY THEM. You will not be disappointed. As a final point, this is the only place I have gone out of my way to write a good review.

Anonymous: Great communications. Just like going in a neighborhood store. Friendly business. They make you feel like a friend, not an open wallet!

Jeff: Just heard about the store today, and went to check it out. staff was extremely friendly and took time to help me with many questions.gave their own opinions about things whihc became very useful. prices are excellent. flavor of the week 30 ml bottle for ten bucks is unbeatable! i just checked out the website after visiting the store, and wow… easiest to read of all of them. over all, the best experoence i have had with e ciggs. i will be back to purchase everything i need, and may even make a online purchase for the free 15ml bottle! lol thanks for the wonderful customer service and quality products and advice.

Seth: Second purchase, and once again everything was top notch. Same as last time, I feel the value was better with the freebies + the discount code (Memorial day – 15% off and free shipping). Delivery was good. There were 3-4 bundles of flavors tightly wrapped in bubble-wrap. Nothing was loose or leaking. Same with the atomizer and drip tip.Very easy to browse and purchase. Heard about the memorial deal from the email newsletter.I gave customer service a 5 even though I didn’t need to contact anyone after the purchase.

Greg: Quick delivery, cheap delivery. Great items, more than worth the price.

Jonathan: TheVaporRoom.net is the best im defintley buying from them again. The Vanilla custard i got was the best so far right out of the envelope it was awesome. It was such a good vanilla and the creamy custard taste was the best ive had.The Waffle is next and it was real good just missing a touch of maple syrup in my honest opinion. The French Vanilla was good also but needed a few days to steep. And last but not least is the french toast which was real good after a week of steeping tasted like you were eating actual french toast with maple syrup. I cant wait to see what next weeks Flavors of the week and the weekender also.

Christopher: The Vapor Room is an excellent vendor. I buy a majority of my eliquid from them. Their juice is top notch, their flavor selection is large enough to keep you trying new things for a while, and their product is consistent. The Apple Pie you you get and love (and you WILL love their Apple Pie) will be the same flavor, consistency and vapor production as the bottle you buy a year later! Their customer service is great as well. If you haven’t purchased from The Vapor Room yet, pick up a sampler pack! You won’t regret it, and they may just replace your current supplier!

Top 5 Flavors (IMHO) -Apple Pie -Blueberry Cinn Crumble -Raspberry Chocolate -Sweet Strawberry -Orange Creamsicle

Danielle: The Vapor Room is the easiest and most personable e-cig store that I have ever dealt with. If something wasn’t right, (my fault) the fixed or adjusted it right away with no problems. Josh and Jess are amazing and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else. 🙂

BrendaLea: Fantastic company to purchase from. I look forward to buying from them on a regular basis.

Joseph: :I have been a cigarate smoker for many years because I enjoyed it. I was referred to a E Cigarate Merchant who was very friendly and helful so I tried the E Cigarette. They are absolutley amazing. There are a variety of Flavors and Nicotine Strenghts available. I really enjoy my E Cigaratte.


Brenda: :It was suggested to my by a friend to try a new ECigarette…she told me I should go to thevaporroom.net to get everything I needed to start vaporing. With my first order I had a few questions…so I emailed Josh… and he got right back to me and I was able to order the same day!! I love my new Riva ECig and the flavors are wonderful! I’m totally hooked!! I have been vaporing for about a week and a half now and am down to only one cigarette a day…(just can’t go to bed without a real one still, but will kick the habit soon!) My 23-year-old son has joined me in vaporing also. He was smoking three times more than I was, and we both feel much better today…(I had developed asthma recently from smoking for over thirty years…and after just a little over a week vaporing I am already breathing better!) I can vapor at work, in my car, in the same room with my family and it doesn’t bother anyone! No more smelling and tasting like an ashtray either!! My first order was at my door in just four days and when I ordered my E-liquids they arrive in just two days! Josh and Jess send a hand-written note on my invoice every time I order! I love the personal touch! They are doing a wonderful job!! I give them ten stars!! **********

John: Great place to buy e cig supplies. Rapid response to questions, on line chat with owner, good prices, fast shipping. Would definitely recommend.

Connie: All in all this has been a merchant that I would recommend to anyone….Exceptional customer service, products, and price range. I am totally satisfied with The Vapor Room.

Louise: Great prices, great service, fast shipping!!! What more can anyone ask for?? The sale prices on some spare parts drew me in, but their tasty assortment of juices and flavors will keep me coming back… 🙂

Bob: The 2 J’s do an amazing job, on each and every order. The products are always shipped exactly as described. They also went way beyond expectations by donating prizes for the Midwest Vapefest as well. I see no possible reason to ever order from anyone else!

Philip: Great product and amazing customer service!!! Top notch highly recommended!!

Christopher: I had an excellent experience with The Vapor Room. My order was shipped out promptly, and arrived in a matter of 2 days. Their selection of e-liquid is excellent, and is a good quality product. I did have an issue with a battery, however, they were VERY prompt in handling my issue, and sent out a replacement immediately, and even offered to send me a bottle of liquid to compensate me for my return shipping. Great company with a great liquid, fair prices, and quick shipping. Definitely give them a try!

Bryce: The Vapor room has all your electronic cigarette needs. Whether being spare parts, liquids, or even full starter kits, they got it all, and they are very well reasonably priced. Shipping was very quick as well. And for you first time customers, you receive a little gift which was very generous by the way. So what are you waiting for purchase something from them and you will be satisfied!

Donald: Excellent service, this vendor went out of the way and above and beyond when I was a 1st time customer. I highly recommend this vendor

John: If you vape, check these guys out! Good products, good prices, fast shipping and friendly people. One of my favorite vapor suppliers

Robert: Great company to do business with. fast shipping good prices. I will be recommending them to all my friends.

Damaris: Kit exactly as shown. Works great

Robert: Everything about, and any products from TheVaporRoom.net are awesome!

Marlaine: Great vendor. Very fast delivery.

Renee: Very quick shipping, good sale price and the freebie is nice too. Even a hand signed thank you on the invoice. I would buy from them again.

Donna: These guys rock! Especially with customer service and how quickly they respond to your order. I will never shop anywhere else!

Matthew: This is by far the best site I have found for this product. I spent countless hours scouring forums and websites. The customer service is nothing short of spectacular, and the dedication that is given to ensuring quality is preserved is beyond compare. I would (and do) refer any smoking friends to look into e-cigarettes, and to go to thevaporroom.

Frederic: A real bargain on discounted merchandise and shipping cost. Great personalized customer service, reliable products, very fast delivery. This merchant definitely goes the extra mile to please and keep a customer. I have ordered twice and will not hesitate to order again.

Aaron: I have become such a tremendous fan of your site, it’s the only site that I use for all of my e-cig needs. You always have some amazing special(s) going on, and your service is impeccable. The shipments always arrive in a more than timely manner, and I usually get confirmation of the order being shipped on the same day that it was placed. I’ve searched the web far and wide and I always come back to your site because of your very fair prices and reputable customer service. I greatly appreciate all of the e-mail updates that you send out regarding new specials, products, coupon codes, etc. The fact that you above and beyond in order to serve your customer base is something that is missing in the modern marketplace, and it’s great to know that one-on-one service and communication still exists; especially in the friendly manner. The new Riva that I purchased from your site was priced lower than anywhere else on the net and is an amazing product in itself. I was formerly using a 510, but was unsatisfied with its battery life. After some communication with Josh it became very apparent that it would be a great investment for me; and it was. Your knowledge of your products versus other products on the market is greatly appreciated and the advice that you provided was 100% reliable. I will continue to order from your site and recommend it to other e-cig smokers that I know. Keep up the great work!!!

Lori: Fantastic flavors, very good selection of accessories at reasonable prices. This is the only place I order my favorite e-juices – English Toffee and Peppermint. Customer service is great. Confirmation by email almost immediately, any questions answered quickly. Fast delivery as well. Highly recommended!

Kimberly: I love your service and your products. I had bought blu cig and was very displeased i ordered more filters and it took 8 days to get them and that is with me calling them asking what was going on. I just didnt get the satisfaction off of blu cig . But i am very pleased with the 510. and the service you have thank you so much.

Robert: Nice site, nice people to deal with. Items arrive at my door within a day or two of placing order. High quality stuff and a great place to do business.

Anonymous: The staff is dedicated to making the entire process easier for the customer. They provide a wonderful product and are committed to providing first class service and offers. I will continue ordering from thevaporroom.net for any and all electronic cigarette needs. I have not touched a cigarette since I got my electronic, and I could not be any more satisfied with the product or the service.

Jeffrey: This store has so far had the best options in regards to their category. The quality and amount of product in question has exceeded my expectations in every way. The flavor, packaging, and service have been exemplary. I have decided to make ordering from them a near weekly habit.

Rick: this is the best e-cig site on the web. it is not filled with extra junk and fluff that slows things down. it has all the information you need laid out in an organized way. the shipping and customer service and communications are top notch. plus they even through in little extras with each order.

Dolores: Couldn’t ask for better service. Thank you VaporGuys!!

Rick: WOW, this is one of the best sites that I have ever run across and that says something because I have visited at least 200 of them. I will be placing an order soon and I can only hope that your service is just as spectacular.

I am brand new to vaping and don’t even know that much yet but I spent something like 60 some hours poking around the forums in order to try and figure out what I wanted. Then I spent a lot of time visiting what felt like about 200 sites to see what they had to offer. There are a lot of sites that try to be so mystical or proprietary and then there are some that are so filled with stuff that it is impossable to navigate. Still there are others that try and put so much into it that I get tired of waiting on page loads. Some sites are just so overpriced, I just shut them off and surf on. Yours is neat and clean and fast loading as well as very straight forward and reasonably priced. Kudo’s…

Renee: Very fast shipping and one of the best prices on the internet

Anonymous: Fanstastic seller, quality product!

John: I am very impressed with your store. The free sample was a totally unexpected bonus. I will be purchasing more of the Red Cinnamon Candy juice. Thank you. You just became one of my go to places


Mark: I can’t say enough great things about TheVaporRoom.net! Josh and Jess went out of their way to make sure that all of my questions were answered, and that I was 100% happy with my order. I recommend them without any reservations! I will be dealing with from TheVaporRoom.net for years to come for all of my E Cigarette needs.

Shirley: Great products and great people to work with. Attention to each customer makes them feel important.

Jamie: I have been using E Cigs since February of this year. I have two different kinds, manual and auto. Both are good and have their plusses. I have shopped and searched many websites to obtain the products that I need to use this method of smoking. This company (The Vapor Room) is excellent! Competitive pricing, excellent products and rich in information about their products. Very customer oriented!! A quick note on an invoice or an e-mail with special offers or coupons, etc. There are literally hundreds of web sites to choose from, its nice to work with one who tries so hard and concentrates on its customer base, gets the orders out and to the customers very quickly, and keeps you informed of new products and special deals.

Jamie: I will be buying from you again, I was VERY happy. Ordered very late on Saturday and received product by Wednesday. Also very pleased with the product when I received it. Web site was easy to use, very informative, and you offer plenty of options in every category. I have used several web sites to buy my vapor products, but now I think I have found one that I will use exclusively! Thank you!!

Aaron: Very good communication, easy to navigate site, coupon code worked, products exactly as described. Shipped very shortly after ordering, and received within a more than reasonable time frame! Will def. purchase from again, and after this experience will become my main supplier of all e-cig related items!!!