WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Suorin Air Plus

Better, Faster, Stronger… We can rebuild it.  We have the technology.

Is it time to retire your old pod system?  Make room for the new and improved Suorin Air Plus! The Suorin Air pod system has always been tried and true, however, the new Suorin Air Plus takes what made the Suorin Air great and makes it even better!  The Suorin Air Plus features an upgraded 930 mAh built-in battery for longer battery life and uses the new USB type-C fast charger!  The new LED light panel displays how much charge is left on your battery.  The upgraded battery has a maximum output of 22 watts allowing for a greater range of vaping!  Suorin Air Plus cartridges are available in a 3.2mL capacity, in either a 0.7 oHm or 1.0 oHm resistance.  The 0.7 oHm cartridge allows you to enjoy your favorite premium e-liquids while the 1.0 oHm cartridge is best with MTL style vaping and is geared towards use with Nicotine Salts!  While the Suorin Air Plus is bigger than the original Suorin Air, it is still a very compact and inconspicuous device.  The Zinc aluminum alloy construction makes the Suorin Air Plus more durable, and its sleek flat surface design resembles modern smart phones making it a nice match for any vaper!