WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


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To our amazing TVR customers,

Let us begin by extending an enormous Thank You to all of you who have weathered this past six months with us with patience and understanding! We appreciate each and every one of you and your continued support for The Vapor Room! We have done our best during this trying situation to work within our limited means and still supply our customers with the products and service you count on! We know that for a short time period, many of you had to wait for items and navigate product scarcity and shipping delays, so again, Thank You for your continued loyalty and support!

We are aware that many of you have come to rely on one specific device or favorite flavor of e-liquid. In light of this, we feel it is our responsibility at this time to inform you that federal regulations on all e-cigarette devices and liquids will be effective on September 10, 2020. If you have not heard about these FDA regulations and what they mean, we strongly encourage you to research them and educate yourself thoroughly. Visit the link at bottom of page to view the FDA's Q&A about what this means for you! The original regulation date was extended due to Covid, however, as of September 12, only products that have filed Pre-Market Tobacco Applications will be permitted to remain on the market.  Currently, we are aware of several large companies who have already filed these applications, however, no information for which products specifically has been released.

We, at TVR regretfully inform you that we will no longer be able to carry our “made-to-order,” house liquid. All e-liquid sold here will be pre-bottled, what you may know now as “Gourmet” or “Premium,” and will be supplied only by our trusted distributors who have filed PMTA’s. On a positive note, we DO know that any products that have filed Pre-Market Tobacco Applications will be able to remain on the market for at least one year or until the time they are approved or rejected, so there WILL still be products, there WILL still be vaping, the industry just may change for a period of time. Along with this change will be the retirement of our APPCard Rewards program. While we have truly valued the luxury of being able to provide this to you over the past years, without house liquid, over half of the system would be obsolete. We do plan on replacing this with a new mass messaging system to keep you informed as well as enable you to receive exclusive customer appreciation discounts and offers!  We will adjust! In the meantime, be sure to educate yourselves about regulation and keep up with any changes and announcements!  We promise to do the best we can to keep you informed! For now, we will continue to diligently offer the best case scenario to all of our customers! We can’t thank you enough for your years of loyalty! You are the reason we will be here for many more decades to come!

FULL FDA Regulation Description

TVR will go LIVE on Facebook Friday August 28 at 10:30am to answer any questions!

To submit any questions or conerns you may have- view Q&A Live Banner or Blog Post!