WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is an Electronic Cigarette?

What is an Electronic Cigarette? The e cigarette is a device comprised of 3 basic parts and used in conjunction with eliquid, a solution of PG, VG, and optional flavorings and nicotine. A description of each is listed below:

E Cig Batteries:

The battery for the e cig is the power source for the heating element. Ecig batteries are rechargeable. They can be lightweight, cigarette sized or larger tubes such as 510 cigalike batteries and eGo style batteries. Ecigarette batteries also come as box shaped power sources and larger mechanical mods.

Battery life varies according to the model. Each battery is given a mAh rating. As a general rule, you will get one hour of use per 100mAh. The time between charges can vary and is reduced with heavy usage, and lower ohm resistance elements.

Types of E-cigarette Batteries:

510 Batteries: They should be charged for 6-8 hours on first charge and then until the light turns green on your charger. Batteries can either come in automatic or manual. The auto battery can be used so that the e-cigarette works just by taking a puff on it unlike the manual battery that works through a pushbutton near the connector point. The auto battery is hands free and typically has longer life than a manual but has a shut off point after about 6 seconds to where the manual allows for unlimited drag time. A battery can last for months before losing its ability to hold a good charge. Be sure to keep a few batteries with you to avoid constant charging.

eGo Batteries: eGo batteries are larger tube shaped batteries. They are charged using a screw on eGo Usb charger, compatible with the eGo USB Wall Charger for wall charging. eGo pass-thru batteries will be charged using a USB plug-in under the end cap of the battery. eGo batteries turn on and off using a five click button press. You can also switch voltages in some models by turning the battery off and long pressing the button until a light blinks indicating the voltage change. eGo batteries are 510 and eGo threaded so they can use both varieties of heating elements. These batteries generally come in 650mAh and 1000mAh sizes.

Box Mods: Box mods are box shaped batteries that come in various sizes, mAhs, and wattages. Some of the box mods have an LED display showing usage and battery life. Box mods with only a 510 threading can operate eGo threaded heating elements using an eGo to 510 adapter. In general, these batteries have longer battery life than smaller tube batteries. Most box mods with internal batteries will charge with a USB such as micro USB. Most box mods have adjustable voltage and wattage.

Sub Ohm Internal Batteries: The Aspire CF is an example of the sub ohm internal battery. This battery is a large tube that charges much like an eGo battery, but is rated for usage with sub ohm heating elements only.

Mechanical Mods: Mechanical mods are batteries designed for use with external batteries, and are often combined with RBAs and other low ohm heating elements. These batteries allow for usage with low ohm elements and lack some of the built in protection of other ecig batteries. The batteries are often copper or stainless tubes with a manual magnetic button. Great for advanced users and those interested in building, with research and maintenance the mechanical mod can give superior batter performance.

External Batteries: Some mods require an external battery to be inserted into the body of the battery. These batteries come in several sizes such as 18350, 18650, and 26650. Often used in conjunction with mechanical mods, these batteries require an external battery charger rated for the battery. Use care with external batteries and do not damage the protective outer covering.

VV/VW Batteries: VV/VW batteries give the user the ability to adjust the voltage and wattage to customize the vaping experience. The adjustment can be completed using and up and down button, or by turning the battery off and long pressing the button. A higher voltage can give a more powerful hit, and a higher wattage can give more power to the battery to fire the heating element.

E Cig Atomizers (or Heating Element):

The atomizer is the centerpiece of the e-cigarette. It is basically a tiny coil, wrapped in a wicking material, often cotton or silica. The battery powers the atomizer which then heats up to allow for the eliquid to be vaporized into a mist resembling smoke, called vapor. An atomizer will last for months as long as you keep it clean and change out the coils as (if) recommended.

Ohm Resistance: As a general rule, the lower the resistance (or ohm resistance, or Ω) the more powerful and hotter the hit. Low resistance atomizers produce more heat, in turn producing more vapor and more throat hit. Higher resistance atomizers produce less heat, and don’t require powerful batteries to operate them.

Common types of Heating Elements:

Cartomizers: A Cartomizer is basically a tube filled with a heating coil and a fiber wicking material. They can be continually refilled and are typically cheaper in price than an atty. Plus, refilling is a cinch. Simply keep the wick moistened with eliquid to keep your cartomizer working for you. Don’t get any liquid down the center tube!

Atomizers: Atomizers are simple heating elements that consist of a metal tube that is open at the top and screws into your battery at the bottom. Drip eliquid directly onto the metal mesh inside the atomizer, replace the drip tip, and vape. Atomizers require frequent dripping to keep the mesh saturated.

Clearomizers: Clearomizers are plastic, glass, or metal tubes. They fill easily by unscrewing the base and filling the tube with eliquid, taking care to avoid the center tube. Clearomizers have replaceable coils (or wicks) that users can replace when the coil becomes exhausted or users want to change flavors. Clearomizers allow the user to see the amount of liquid left in the tube.

Sub Ohm: Sub ohm heating elements are a newer type of ecigarette heating element. Sub ohm heating elements must be used with compatible batteries rated for sub ohm usage. The sub ohm heating element gives a powerful hit with pure taste. Anything with an ohm resistance rating of than 1.0 or less is considered sub ohm. Common sub ohm heating elements are the eGo One, the Atlantis, the Melo, the Delta II and others.

E Liquid

E liquid is a solution of flavor, trace amounts of nicotine (varying in strength), and safe food additives Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. PG and VG are used in e-liquid to help facilitate the vaporizing process. They are tasteless and odorless as well as food grade, so they are safe to inhale. They also have a thickness and consistency needed to hold the nicotine to be vaporized.

Propylene Glycol (PG) is a vaporizable base used to dilute the nicotine liquid and carry the flavoring. It is a common additive in everyday consumer products ranging from medicine to toothpaste.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is used in the food industry as a solvent and sweetener and may help preserve food. Its use in e-liquid helps give a thicker and fuller vapor, and prolongs liquid life. Some e-cig users say it gives a more even, less harsh taste and throat hit.

TVR's Custom USA Blends

Every bottle of “Ginger’s Blends” e-juice is hand mixed in-house using the best tasting ingredients possible. Also, because every bottle of TVR Juice is made fresh, we recommend letting our Juices steep (let sit) for at least a few days so the flavor can reach its fullest potential.

  • Ginger’s Blends are available in strengths of 30mg, 24mg, 18mg, 12mg, 6mg, 3mg and 0mg.
  • They come in three different PG/VG ratios to choose from;PG 75/VG 25, PG 50/VG 50, PG 25/VG 75, as well as,100% VG (great for those sensitive to PG).

Our ingredients include: 99.57% Pure and EU6.0 Medical Grade Standard Nicotine Liquid (US Sourced), 99.7+% Pure USP Food Grade Kosher Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin (US sourced), and FDA approved natural and artificial flavorings.

Explanation of Ratio:

PG 75/VG 25: This is a thinner mixture consisting primarily of PG. It is very flavorful with great throat hit and moderate vapor production. Great for lower voltage devices like the 510.

PG 50/VG 50: This is the preferred TVR mixture at half PG and half VG. It offers the perfect balance of throat hit and vapor production without sacrificing flavor. Great for 3.7 volt+ devices.

PG 25/VG 75: This is a thicker mixture consisting of primarily VG. It gives you rich, dense vapor with a slightly less intense throat hit. Great for high voltage devices and sub ohm vaping.

100% VG: This is the thickest mixture we offer, giving you the fullest vapor production available. Great for high voltage devices, sub ohm and for those sensitive to PG.


Ecigarette Terminology:

  • Electronic Cigarette = e-cigarette, e-cig, Vaporizer, e-smoke, PV (personal vaporizer)
  • E Cig Atomizers = Atty
  • E Cig Batteries = Batt
  • E Cig Cartridge = Cart, E Cig Cart
  • E Cig Cartomizers = Carto
  • E Cig Clearomizers = Clearo
  • Vape = to inhale eliquid from an ecigarette
  • Vapor = the smoky substance emitted from the ecigarette
  • Analog = Tobacco cigarette
  • Modified E Cigarette (usually larger battery) = Mod
  • Dripping e liquid directly onto the atomizer instead of using a cart = Dripping
  • Liquid Nicotine = e-juice, e-liquid, e-smoke, vaporize nicotine, nicotine vapor

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